About us

Collection of information technology Aramin  in 1385 to set up information technology in the field of Information Technology was established and a steep growth and progress in this field in order to gain experience and service to the country, along with managers and professionals in the technology of information and communication technology has come. Managers and professionals committed to the goals of our customers needs and deliver optimal service based on the world's most advanced technologies through out the country.

Now it consists of 6 separate unit design and implementation of computer networks, software, hardware, telecommunications, web services and Internet services are compiling these sections under a name identical to provide complete IT services to organizations and government agencies, there are private companies and individuals. Quality of work provided in the framework governing standards in the world, not something that happens to be the result.  Long-term perspective in research, production,supply and support of our strategic approach is working,Approach to witness what has been done to set Collection of information technology Aramin expertise and customer satisfactionas it has.

It is hoped that the experienceand Tkhssman tofind the best interest lies.

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